Libra Loves Local — Some of our Favorite Spots around the Coachella Valley

With the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling the year’s biggest festival, Coachella, it may feel like there’s no reason for visitors to head out to the desert. That’s where you’re wrong. Although the Coachella Music Festival is certainly one of the biggest attractions of the desert, it isn’t the only one. There are a variety of things to see and do in Coachella Valley that meet COVID restrictions. Visiting these spots will allow you to dip your toes into the culture of the valley while supporting the local economy to keep businesses afloat during the pandemic.

  1. Grub and Drinks

Koffi — This is a locally owned and operated business in Palm Springs. Koffi prides itself

on providing delicious, unique coffee to locals and visitors alike. Check them out during

your visit and enjoy their selection of pastries, breakfast items, and drinks.

FARM — This restaurant is known both for it’s stunning array of French cuisine and the

sublime atmosphere the owners created with landscaping and decor. FARM transports

its customers to the South of France with a traditional menu and locally sourced

ingredients. Their staff takes care to prepare everything perfectly and you won’t find

anything frozen at this gorgeous dining establishment.

TKB — This deli is a family-owned business like no other. The inception of this deli was

the dream of three kiddos who grew up to own one of the most well-known delis in the

country. TKB is a unique restaurant with top of the line food and quality service. They are

definitely a must try on your way through the desert!

Las Palmas — Although Las Palmas is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions,

you can still enjoy their selection of beers and wines for take out. This is perfect for

relaxation after a long day of sightseeing or just to enjoy the flavor of the area.

  1. Golfing

Indian Canyons Golf Resort — This 36-hole course is one of the most beautiful in the area and was once visited by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan. You can book a tee time or just hang out on the driving range. Indian Canyons also offers a full-service restaurant as well as a bar.

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort — This awe inspiring golf course is nestled in the San Jacinto mountain range and offers both gorgeous greens and delightful views of the surrounding area. Tahquitz Creek offers a range of amenities and is well worth the visit, even if you’re not into golfing.

Cimarron Golf Resort — This golf resort is also found in the San Jacinto Mountain range. They pride themselves in providing top quality service and ensuring a good time to anyone who visits.

Escena — This course is rated as the #6 public course in California, and for good reason. Escena offers incredible views as you golf and courses with unobstructed sightlines. There is plenty of room to roam at this resort and the course offers a challenge to seasoned golfers.

  1. Art

The Shag Store — This store is the only one of its kind. It is a combined art gallery and store dedicated 100% to the works of Shag. Visitors are welcome to go in and shop or just have a look around at all the fun, whimsical, unique art.

Backstreet Art District — The Art District is a collection of galleries, studios, and businesses centered around art. You’ll find an assortment of things ranging from pottery to jewelry and works from both local and national artists. This area is perfect for an afternoon of browsing and enjoying the local color.

Joshua Tree Outdoor Museum — The natural marvels of Joshua Tree are well known to many. Within the grounds of the national park stands an outdoor museum dedicated to the works of Noah Purifoy. The large art installations are made entirely of “junk” offering a new life telling stories.

Desert Christ Park — The inception of this area started with a man who wanted to erect a symbol of peace and unity. Since the 1950’s it has since grown to represent what the artist and founder of the original “Unwanted Christ” statue intended. Desert Christ Park is a beautiful area to walk around with large, white sculptures creating a beautiful dichotomy with the desert sky.

  1. Hiking

The Bump and Grind — This trail is perfect for hikers of any skill. Along this four-mile loop, hikers will be able to see gorgeous wildflowers and take in breathtaking views of the valley below.

Palm Desert Cross — If you’re looking for a quick hike with great payoff as far as scenery, this is the one for you. This moderate hike is about 2.3 miles long and ends at a large, illuminated cross on the top of the hill. Palm Desert Cross is especially nice for traveling families, children can easily make the trek.

Randall Henderson Trailhead — This moderate 2.5 mile loop will take you through the lower regions of the Santa Rosa mountains offering a different vantage point than the other sites we’ve mentioned. Bighorn sheep are also known to traverse the area and, if you’re lucky, you might get to see a few!

Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument — The monument encompasses 280,000 acres including public land and two Federal wilderness areas. The Randall Henderson Trailhead actually starts here and there are a number of other attractions that bring visitors from all over including: the Ed Hastey Garden Trail, Agents of Discovery, Friends of the Desert Mountains, wildflower viewings, and natural hot springs. Within the monument you can also camp in either Pinyon Flat or Ribbonwood Equestrian if you’re looking for developed sites. Otherwise, there you can camp throughout the monument, just be sure to check restrictions befores setting up.

These are only a few of the countless reasons you should still give the desert a visit! The area has a rich culture and history, with so many places to see and explore.




Libra is Spanish for pound. Libra also represents balance, or equilibrium. For the company, it is the parallel between substance and harmony.

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Libra is Spanish for pound. Libra also represents balance, or equilibrium. For the company, it is the parallel between substance and harmony.

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